The West Highland Way & Great Glen Way

Walked in August 2010

Day 14 - Saturday 28th August

Inverness - London

We were rudely awoken in the early hours of the morning by some drunk foreign guys outside our tent saying ‘hello?’ over and over again and laughing. I turned over and tried to go back to sleep, hoping the god of hangovers would pay the idiots a visit in the morning.

We were up just before six and didn’t hang around, getting out of the campsite in good time and walking back into town to catch our train. The train left on time and although we had to share our table with two other people (my leg-room disappointingly and uncomfortably small), the journey actually passed fairly quickly, helped by the fact that the scenery along the whole route was gorgeous and the day was bright and sunny. When the couple sitting opposite us left I had some leg room, but after coming back from the buffet cart I found a new guy sitting opposite me, once again stopping me from stretching out. Someone really does need to redesign all public transport to take tall people into account.

We reached London more or less on time and Darryl and I parted ways, taking different trains to get home. It felt strange to part company after two weeks, but it would be nice to get back to the flat, shave off the beard, have a nice shower and get some decent sleep in a bed. It had been hard work yet again, but it had also been another great adventure.

Dean Carter, November 2010


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